Change your Starting Point

Some people are really good at launching projects.

They quote the latest buzz words, read the latest theories, and drop the appropriate names and they insist that the flavor of the month is what the company needs.

So they push their way through. They push their way through, armed with very little in-depth knowledge of what they are plugging will entail.

They make a name for themselves as mavericks who start mind-blowing initiatives. They want to be known as innovators and trailblazers. In actuality, they are nothing more than victims of the latest fads.

How many of the initiatives they start die pre-mature deaths?

Most, if not all.


These initiatives vanish for the simple reason that starting something is so easy but seeing an idea to fruition takes commitment, time, effort and real hard work.

I mean, words are cheap right? Who can’t talk?

By opening one’s mouth and expecting others to carry the burden – that can hardly be considered leadership.

Engaging someone to deliver a lecture about a company-wide corporate culture change?

Launching an organization-wide climate survey?

Perhaps the starting point should be a thought given to the ultimate outcome – what is it that you are trying to achieve at the end of the day?

Starting something – even a survey – raises expectations.

If you are not serious about seeing any project through to its logical conclusion, then don’t even start in the first place.

If you hire someone to give a lecture about corporate culture change, you had better be prepared to start an initiative – meaning you drive it and lead it yourself –  that will ultimately change the culture of your organization, that is, if it has already been determined by the right people that this is what your organization need.

If you conduct a climate study to determine if people are satisfied with working conditions, or their compensation, etc, then you better be prepared to address the findings of the survey and change the working conditions and adjust people’s salaries.

If not, don’t even get started. Otherwise people’s hearts will grow cold.

The corporate landscape is littered with dead projects all started by people with nothing but big mouths.