Be True to your Word – and Change from a Being a Pain

Recently someone I first got to know in a social setting sought a meeting with me.

I invited him for lunch and asked if he has any preferences as to where we should meet.

He said he was flexible and can meet anytime and anywhere.

When the date of the meeting drew near, I WhatsApped him a location.

He responded that the place was too far for him.

I suggested Orchard Road – everyone knows Orchard Road and it’s easy to get to – and he replied that he didn’t like Orchard Road.

We finally settled on an eatery near his home, a place he readily agreed to go to meet with me.

When I got there, I asked if he was ready for lunch.

He suggested that we eat somewhere else instead.

So we moved to another location.

Long story short – he got to meet at a location he wanted, and he got to eat at a place of his choice.

Never mind the fact that he was the one who initiated the invitation and who told me he was flexible and can meet any time and at any place.

I know I am a pushover but I vowed that I will never ever meet this person again.

Your word is your bond.

“I’m flexible, I can meet anywhere.”

“I have to cancel our meeting, I’m not feeling well. I will call you again.”

“I respect you, I’ll do whatever is convenient for you.”

“Let me know what I can get for you and I’ll place the order.”

“Give me your address, I’ll deliver it to your place.”

“I’ve got your requirements, I’ll see to it that you’ll get what you asked for.”

“I wanted to thank you by giving you a gift, but I forgot to bring it. I’ll make sure you get it.”

These are some the lies I have been told recently.

Words are cheap.

They are made cheaper when you don’t have what it takes to honor them.

Eventually they become meaningless.

As meaningless as you are to me.

So hold firmly to your word.

And stop being a pain.