About to Change Focus?

Lawyers have quit lawyering to become entrepreneurs.

Dental surgeons have quit dental surgery to become suppliers of dental equipment.

Policemen have quit to become lawyers.

Odd but nothing earth-shaking.

People are entitled to try something different.

People have second careers.

What is earth-shaking is the prostitution of their ethics and training by medical doctors who abandon medicine for quick cash.

Armed with a medical qualification these avaricious doctors set up shop all over the place practicing aesthetic medicine.

The old uncles who want skin tags removed, the auntie who wants varicose veins eliminated, the ladies who lunch who need their Botox jabs, the Karaoke hostesses with new-found boyfriends who demand vaginal reconstruction.

Some of these aesthetic clinics are packed like sardines and are as noisy as fish markets.

It’s assembly line style – patients come in, get a nip and tuck or a blast of laser – and are ushered out of the door while a long line waits to come in.

I have nothing against those who need reconstruction and I have no quarrels with doctors who are called to do that, but the way some of these merchants operate? It’s puke-worthy.

Don’t people know that beauty is only skin deep?

Is money everything?

You may own that 15-room villa and fly via private jets, but money made by blasting pigmentation spots and administering Botox jabs or creating new vaginas for hookers when there are people out there who need real medical care from real doctors?

What image are you sending to the rest of the world, aesthetic doctors?