The Maestro

“Singapore’s re-engineering guru, having been consulted on over 70 projects in Asia since 1986, even before Dr Michael Hammer made re-engineering fashionable.”
– The Straits Times

Dr Michael Loh is well known in the Asia Pacific region as an acknowledged authority on the psychology of change and a recognized expert on organization development. He is recognized by the Association of Productivity Specialists as a Master Productivity Specialist. He is also a diplomate of the American Association of Psychotherapists, a life member of The National Psychiatric Association, USA, and member of L’Association Internationale de Psychologie Appliquee as well as a Professional Member of the American Counseling Association. Dr Loh is a Certified Professional Coach and is a member of the International Association of Coaching. He has been elected to the President’s Council of The American Institute of Management.

Due to his training and decades of experience, Dr Loh possesses a deep understanding of psychological principles and research methodologies that are at the intersection of theory and practice in business settings. His strength lies in his ability to identify key psychological theories and applying them successfully to a wide variety of challenges facing contemporary organizations.

Gower, recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of specialist business and management books and resources has commissioned Dr Loh to write two books on re-engineering. The Straits Times refers to Dr Loh as “Singapore’s re-engineering guru, having been consulted on over 70 projects in Asia since 1986, even before Dr Michael Hammer made re-engineering fashionable.”

Dr Loh is a Certified Management Consultant. At this time, fewer than 1000 consultants in the US have been recognized with the CMC. That is less than 1% of all active consultants in all fields. The CMC designation is awarded to those select consultants who have demonstrated a history of effective results for clients, adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants, USA, and knowledge of a range of consulting and professional practice management skills. CMCs must recertify every three years to demonstrate currency of their skills and understanding of emerging practice and ethics issues. In addition, he has been awarded the designation “Certified Professional Consultant to Management” by The National Bureau of Certified Consultants, USA.

Dr Loh is a very highly-rated public speaker, usually receiving the highest rating of all speakers.

While he was in IBM, Dr Loh was known to be the only IBMer who has achieved a Net Satisfaction Index of 98.2%, a feat never attained before by anyone else in IBM globally, a “record” that remains unbroken till today. (NSI is based on participant feedback.)

In 2007, he created a customized version of the MBTI instrumentation and administered it to 1000 IBM personnel. He was recently commissioned to create a new Foundational Competency Assessment tool for IBM HR.

Dr Loh’s other roles and achievements in IBM included:

  • Evangelist, e-business on demand, IBM ASEAN/South Asia (31 speeches, 7 newsletters and one major paper published, also 5 press interviews).
  • Asia Pacific Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value – a think-tank (10 keynote addresses, 12 articles and 10 papers published, 15 papers edited plus influenced US$50 million in revenue).
  • Consulting Leader, Strategy & Change, Business Innovation Services, IBM ASEAN/South Asia (participated in high profile projects like MINDEF, Singapore, ASEAN Secretariat, and numerous other engagements).

Dr Loh has lectured on MBA programs for University of South Australia, University of Western Sydney, University of Hull (UK), Burapha University (Thailand), and University of Luton (UK).  His 9th book was published in 2022

Before IBM, Dr Loh was with IMPAC (VP & Chief Analyst and Chairman of Senior Management, Asia) Hay Group (Director, Strategy & Organizational Effectiveness) and Deloitte Consulting (East Asia Director, Change Leadership).